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Toobeez 31 Piece Football Goal Kit

31 Piece Football Goal Kit4 Star Rating
31 Piece Football Goal KitToobeez 31 Piece Football Goal Kit Image 1
31 Piece Football Goal Kit

A summary of feature attributes include develop critical thinking skills, safe - non climbable, create so many other things and comes with storage bag. The Tinkertoy kit is 12" Height x 26" Length x 20.75" Width. The bar code (Universal Product Code) for this incredible item is 899593000494. To get the same bargain I discovered, click on our partners via the button below.

toobeez piece football goal into zone


Put it in to the finish zone every time employing the TOOBEEZ 31 Piece FOOTBALL FIELD GOAL Kit. Our products promote improved social interaction by means of cooperation and communication, while stimulating intellect and creativity. The TOOBEEZ 31 Piece FOOTBALL FIELD GOAL Kit never misses the extra point! It comes complete with everything you'll ought to develop a FOOTBALL FIELD GOAL. Plus TOOBEEZ are great at increasing your child's physical activity. TOOBEEZ is a lot a lot more than just a toy, because it helps increase skills, acuity and thought approach. TOOBEEZ delivers oustanding play value, excellent top quality at an amazing price tag!

Features List

  • Promote creative thought process
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Safe - Non climbable
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Create so many other things
  • Product Dim.: Height: 12" Length: 26" Width: 20.75"
  • Package: Height: 6.8" Length: 25.3" Width: 10"
  • Package Weight: 7.2 lbs.


90 Days Full Coverage

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