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Toobeez Booster Kit, 15 Pieces

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Booster Kit
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Searching to buy a super fun Tinkertoy set? Booster Kit by Toobeez is a good Tinkertoy set. A list of special features include comes with storage bag, develop critical thinking skills, promote creative thought process and create so many other things. The Tinkertoy building set is 11.75" Height x 26" Length x 17" Width. Getting a Booster Kit . If you want a good deal for this Tinkertoy building set, visit our partners via the link on this site.

The Toobeez 15 piece booster pack may possibly be the perfect add-on to any TOOBEEZ kit, or use them for pretend play. It consists of six 11"tubes, two 24"tubes, 5 spheres, and 1 set of curtain panels. It's a great starter set!


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