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Tinkertoy Classic Construction Set: Junior Builder

Rating Rating 4 stars
Tinkertoy Classic Construction Set Junior
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Package Quantity: 1

I definitely loved that the Tinkertoy set had the feature of build structures using the enclosed design guide or use your imagination to make lots of new and different creations. Additional features consist of 1. The Tinkertoy building set dimensions are 6"H x 11"L x 6"W. It has a weight of 4 lbs. 076930548110 is the UPC barcode or the "Universal Product Code", for this fantastic Tinkertoy set. To get the same great price I uncovered, visit the shopping cart link.

This classic building toy dates from 1913 and continues to be going strong given that it keeps kids challenged and entertained for hours! Ages 4 and up. Imported. Kids can generate buildings, vehicles, windmills, ferris wheels, fanciful animals, robots and a lot more on their own, or use the instructions for much more ideas. Set consists of 34 rods, 12 spools, 8 connectors, 4 pulleys/wheels, 4 endcaps and 4 plastic flags. Tinkertoy Junior functions easy-fitting, durable pieces made of real wood. Combine this set with extra Tinkertoy sets to generate even bigger structures.


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